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  • Maintaining a close relationship with our partners

What they say about us

The relationship with our customers, partners and employees is very important to us and we are always happy to receive feedback from them.

Have a look below at what they say about us.


“This honor is a clear reflection of ArcelorMittal’s solid contribution to provide GM customers with the best vehicles and services in the industry.”

Steve Kiefer, General Motors vice president, global purchasing and supply chain, at the annual Supplier of the Year award ceremony in Detroit.


“Through discussions of numerous options with our client and general contractor, ArcelorMittal’s products were determined to offer the most cost-effective approach for the structural system of 150 N Riverside. The larger sections and high-strength material provided the only “off-the-shelf” sections that could resist the large forces.”

Robert A. Chmielowski, Magnusson Klemencic Associates


“My parents work in the plant and I know that ArcelorMittal Galati is a respectful company.”

Student at the engineering faculty of Galati (Romania)


“The Acanthus Aureus medal was awarded to ArcelorMittal Construction Poland for participating in the fair with the stand showing the best marketing strategy”

Poznan International fair


“The guarantee [up to 35 years of Granite® HDX] was highly attractive to both IAA Architecten and the customer, and could not be matched by the proposed aluminium solution.”

Jack Muller BV


“ArcelorMittal is a provider with a high level of service with whom we have been working for years. There are no quality problems and no schedule delays. In addition, it is an agile provider when it comes to making offers.”



“We create value for our customers by combining our researchers’ innovative ideas and the excellence of our sales force.”

Julie Malherbe - Production Engineer, ArcelorMittal Belval (Luxembourg)


“SteelUser is the most advanced system offered to our Company by the steel suppliers”.

Finco-Stal Serwis Sp. Z o. o.

“ArcelorMittal proudly accepted Samsung’s award for best partner in recognition of outstanding performance and continuous efforts.”



“We’ve been working with ArcelorMittal for 17 years. Our business relationship is very strong and we’re very happy to do business with them.”

                               Wirth Rail


“Our business relationship is based on quality of the products, reactivity of the service and trust.”



“Fortiform® allows us to reuse our existing conventional stamping presses while achieving weight savings of between 10 and 20%.”

PSA Peugeot Citroën


“We always try to select the best suppliers for each product. And this is the case with ArcelorMittal Construction Portugal. It’s essential for us to get the best quality products.”



“The ArcelorMittal Chair will be a focal point for the construction industry in Luxembourg. We want to jointly recognise, explore and shape future trends and developments.”

Prof. Dr. Rainer Klump, President of the University of Luxembourg


“I really enjoy working for ArcelorMittal Bremen as I have the chance to contribute with my own ideas and creativity, assume responsibility and have fun at the same time."

                               Merve Yildirim, trainee


“We thank you once again for your involvement and kind cooperation in this partnership.”

Continental Steel