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As a leader in steel production for beverage, food, aerosol and industrial cans, along with easy-open ends and caps, ArcelorMittal Europe - Flat Products operates with 5 production plants, supported by 5 steel service centres and a global R&D centre.

We offer Steel Packaging solutions for the following markets:

Food Packaging

Steel protects food by acting as a barrier to keep out light, oxygen and moisture. It preserves the nutritional quality and flavour of the content, for a period unequalled by other types of packaging. ArcelorMittal has developed new steels with outstanding formability for very demanding shapes:

  • Creasteel® allows e.g. microwaveable ready meals
  • Maleis® specifically designed to ease the opening of lids


Beverage cans are composed of a drawn and wall ironed steel body (DWI process) and a seamed metal end, the beverage can is attractive for all of us:

  • Convenient for the consumer as it is robust, light, compact, easy to open, cool and fresh.
  • Efficient for the beverage maker as it protects content from air and light, it is ideal for carbonated beverages and it communicates a trendy and young image.
  • Effective for the environment: it is 100% recyclable and in Europe, nearly two out of every three steel cans are recycled.


Aerosols can be used for many different products: cosmetics, cleaning products, food products, pharmaceutical and industrial products. Steel is the ideal material for aerosols thanks to the puncture resistance, strength to support high pressure (12-18 bars) and exciting shiny appearance.


Crown-corks (pry-off or twister)are used for the closure of beverage glass bottles. Steel Caps are used for hermetic closure of glass containers for sterilized food.

General line

It includes industrial cans used for paints or chemicals, cans for non-processed food as baby powder milk or oils and decorative cans for alcohols or biscuits. The vast possibilities of shaping and printing are a great advantage for luxury manufacturers.

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