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  • New Amazon Logistics Centre

ArcelorMittal steel gives a solid ground to Amazon’s new logistics centre

The size of 12 football fields

Amazon's new logistics centre was built and inaugurated in 2018 in the town of Illescas, Spain. This impressive centre, with a surface of 98,000m² (the size of 12 football fields), was built with steel fibres from WireSolutions produced in Bissen, Luxembourg.

The fibres were integrated in the ground of the infrastructure, key element for its durability. At Amazon, the design and construction of the ground is long-lasting and remains essential to have a functional and flexible industrial building in the long term.​

A state-of-the-art solution for industrial flooring

The floor of Amazon's logistics centre must be able to support important loads while meeting the criteria imposed by the new technologies. Indeed, this new centre uses robots that slide through the aisles to move the controls.

Our TAB-Floor reinforced metal fibre paving solution has resulted in seamless joints with optimal electrostatic properties to eliminate interference with robots, maximise travel and avoid long-term and expensive maintenance. Beyond these numerous technical advantages, the use of this solution offers significant reductions in CO2 generated compared to the reinforcements found in traditional warehouses.