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What they say about us

The relationship with our customers, partners and employees is very important to us and we are always happy to receive feedback from them.

Have a look below at what they say about us.


“As an almost 200-year-old company, we must continuously be at the forefront of new developments in the market. That’s why stocking ArcelorMittal’s XCarb® recycled and renewably produced steel beams was a natural choice for us.”
Leif G. Hübert, Director of Supply Chain, Norsk Stål


“ArcelorMittal is our leading steel provider and an important partner for KRONE. We also cooperate on research and development in a very open and transparent way.”
Georg Sasse, Head of Strategic Purchasing for KRONE


“When we decided to change location and build our own headquarters, we knew we were looking for a state-of-the-art new home. Steel appeared immediately as a unifying element for the offices and warehouse. It turns them into a unit and creates an exceptional aesthetic. It is so unique that our new factory has become Atecna’s brand identity.”

Gorka Lacunza, CEO of Atecna


“For many years we have been working with ArcelorMittal and their engineering support team on building projects. A recent success story is an iconic tall building project in Morocco - the Rabat Tower. The Tower is built with rolled sections made from quality HISTAR® steel and used as heavy columns. We appreciate ArcelorMittal’s response times, depth of expertise, unique steel quality, and all the help we received to meet the project’s delivery times. It is always
good to have a partner that is willing to find solutions which can help the project and reduce costs. ArcelorMittal did exactly that!”
NS Rao, Chief Operating Officer of Eversendai Engineering L.L.C.


“The use of steel in the structure and the envelope of this building is motivated partly by its lightness. Steel is also capable of relating more to the spirit of Atecna, lighter, dynamic and innovative.”
Inigo Beguiristain – Architect


“I recommend ArcelorMittal Sheet Piling for the company’s reliability, service, and topnotch technical assistance. ArcelorMittal is the best-in-class when it comes to technical documentation.”
Kari Geirlaugsson, CEO of Gudmundur Arason Ehf


“KS and our customers value the powerful environmental aspects of Magnelis® Light. Magnelis® Light means we use less resources, create more durable products which require less maintenance, and our processing is easier. And at the end of its life, a product made with Magnelis® Light is 100 percent recyclable.”
Corne Rottier, General Manager of KS Service Center, a steel processing centre in the Netherlands



“We have ordered the first 1,000 tonnes of steel based on XCarb® green steel certificates for our products. This is our way of supporting ArcelorMittal in the
transformation to a greener steel industry. Steel produced with a lower carbon footprint fits very well into our own sustainability strategy.”
Thilo C. Pahl, Managing Director of Bette