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  • Maintaining a close relationship with our partners

What they say about us

The relationship with our customers, partners and employees is very important to us and we are always happy to receive feedback from them.

Have a look below at what they say about us.


“ArcelorMittal also expresses a willingness to explore new steels and solutions which meet Samsung’s needs. That is why it won the 2020 Innovation Alliance award.”

Tomasz Świderski - Development purchasing manager for Samsung Electronics Poland Manufacturing


“We are very excited and committed to this cooperation, helping ArcelorMittal on their mission towards a CO2-neutral future in steel production. We see this as
the beginning of a prosperous long-term collaboration.”

Henrik Badin - CEO of Vow ASA


“XCarb™ Recycled and renewably produced initiative is a great way forward for the environment. Combining 100% recycled steel with 100% renewable electricity for the production of new steel products is clearly in line with the Cradle to Cradle inspired goals for making a more sustainable world. It promotes recycling and the use of renewable electricity and furthermore will support long-term investments in this critical area of steel manufacturing.”

William McDonough - Founder, William McDonough + Partners


“We want to create the packaging of tomorrow with the lowest possible environmental impact. ArcelorMittal is a key partner if we are to achieve this goal as they are the leader in terms of innovation and know-how.”

Vincent Miginiac - Consumer offer director for Cofigeo


“Ateliers 3S is proud to be the first customer to benefit from ArcelorMittal’s XCarb™ green steel certificates. The XCarb™ green steel certificate allows us to report a reduction in our Scope 3 CO2 emissions, something that has never been seen before in our sector. They represent an important step forward on Ateliers 3S’ road to carbon neutrality.“

Julien Faisandier - CEO of Ateliers 3S and Jean Christophe Vigouroux - owner of Ateliers 3S


“We conducted over 200 Ultrasonic Tests (UT) after welding on the rolled shapes in steel on HISTAR®460. They all passed successfully.”

ALEC Contractors


“We had tested Magnelis® at the Institute of Precision Mechanics in Warsaw (Poland), but a meeting with ArcelorMittal confirmed the outstanding corrosion resistance of Magnelis®. We knew it would be a game changer.”

Piotr Żbikowski - President of the Energy5 Management Board



“For many years, we have enjoyed a close collaboration with ArcelorMittal in Europe. Within our partnership, the joint efforts on continuous improvement and supply chain integration have helped us to serve better our customers.”

Patrick Van Hecke - VP Procurement Europe at Bekaert

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