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  • Steel for wind energy

Wind energy

ArcelorMittal’s steels have been successfully used in the manufacture of more than 10,000 onshore and offshore wind turbine towers since 2005.

ArcelorMittal produces an extensive portfolio of steels which are used in the major components of a wind farm: foundations, tower, nacelle, generator, gearbox, yaw, pitch and mooring ropes.

Long Products

ArcelorMittal Europe - Long Products' offer includes:

  • SBQ (Special Bar Quality) steels for foundations and flanges, connectors and mechanical parts 
  • Merchant bars for the secondary steel of the tower
  • Mooring ropes: sheated spiral strand wire, sockets and offshore transportation reels

ArcelorMittal offers a large variety of specific beams suitable for the main frame of tower nacelles and substations. 

WireSolutions' XCarb® recycled and renewably produced galvanised low carbon steel wire for cable armouring has significant lower CO2 footprint thanks to our EAF route with up to 100% steel scrap 100% renewable electricity. More info

Flat Products

ArcelorMittal Europe - Flat Products produces:

  • Quarto plates for onshore and offshore wind towers, grounded (jacket, pin piles,…), floating foundations, and substations
  • High-strength hot rolled coils for onshore bolted towers
  • Offshore and structual steels for wind turbine foundations
  • Electrical steels for both medium- and high- power generators

ArcelorMittal’s quarto plates are available in a wide range of qualities and dimensions, which can meet the requirements of the most demanding wind projects. 

ArcelorMittal also supplies hot rolled coils of higher strength steels such as Amstrong®. These steels are suitable for taller structures and shell towers.

Our electrical steels offer includes the M400-50A grade, which is a standard today, lower loss electrical steels and specific highly permeable grades.


  • Extra-heavy quarto plates
  • Special ingots for forged rings
  • Duplex stainless steels. 

Energy Projects

Energy Projects has a strong track record in the complete package supply of structural steel to the main players in the renewable energy industry.