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  • Fact book 2021

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ArcelorMittal Europe publishes 2021 fact book

Did you know ArcelorMittal Europe employs 71,000 people, working in 400 sites across Europe? Or that the fruits of our efforts can be enjoyed all around us, everyday? Just look around you and imagine what we would miss without steel...

From hitting your alarm clock in the morning, putting the light switch on to get ready into the bathroom, going to work by car, train, tram, bicycle or bus, going to the restaurant, opening a can to have a refreshing drink... Our steel is all around you!

Discover even more about steel and about our company in ArcelorMittal Europe’s 2021 fact book.         

  Click here to open the interactive English version of the fact book


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Here’s a glimpse of the features:

  • Scratch to find out more about sustainability
  • Watch moving and informative videos
  • Discover how steel facilitates the way you live and contributes to a sustainable future
  • Browse the interactive map for a vast range of end applications made with our steel and used all around the world
  • Find a contact person near you to answer your questions or to get the right steel for your project

There’s a wealth of information to discover through our exclusive and interactive content! 

Please note that the information included in the fact book is not meant to be exhaustive. More information is available on and in ArcelorMittal’s recently published Annual Report 2020.


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