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  • Steel for safety

Europe steel for safety

ArcelorMittal steel protects you in many more ways that you could imagine. Our steel is used in many projects, providing protection against flooding, fire or earthquake, keeping you safe on the road, shielding you from the noise or securing energy sites.

Check out our project gallery and discover how ArcelorMittal keeps you safe.

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HISTAR® is the steel "par excellence" for the high-rise buildings columns even in severe earthquake conditions.

“HISTAR®/ASTM A913 material has enabled Walter P Moore to extend our reach in providing high-strength seismic systems in the most challenging locations. Grade 65 material, which is permitted for columns in ductile seismic systems, has enabled us to be more efficient and more effective in designing structures to withstand the most intense seismic motions.”

Rafael Sabelli, S.E.


Director of Seismic Design - WALTER P MOORE

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