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1 piece of paper: a life saver?

No doubt we all appreciate that today’s cars are safer, stronger, and more environmentally friendly. Airbags and high-strength steels are just 2 examples of what helps protect passengers.

But what when every second counts?

Some of us have already witnessed a car accident, where rescuers needed to free victims from a car wreck. Studies have shown that today’s vehicles are a serious challenge for rescue workers. Which spot should they use to cut through cabin reinforcing elements and high- strength steel? How can they avoid airbag deployment whilst cutting, or cutting into airbag gas generators?

Have you heard of the rescue sheet?

The FIA Foundation supported the development of a standardized A4 “rescue sheet” that includes information on the location of cabin reinforcements, tank, the battery, airbags, gas generators, control units etc. – and indicating adequate cutting points must be used throughout Europe.

Not convinced yet?

ADAC (Allgemeine Deutsche Automobil-Club) estimates that using the rescue sheet on a large scale, could save up to 2,500 lives in road accidents across Europe each year. Saving lives and helping rescue workers to do their jobs more efficiently. That is surely worth a print, no?   

Download the rescue sheet for your car now!

Print it and place it behind the sun visor of your car, so rescuers can find it easily.

Think safety first and you might become a life saver!

Will you become a life saver?

Download the rescue sheet for your car now!

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