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Co-marketing project creates series of animated videos to educate consumers

ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products has worked with Polish roofing manufacturer BLACHPROFIL 2® to develop a series of animated videos about steel and roofing. The 10 videos in the BP2 SteelStories series are designed to educate distributors, roofers, and end users about the properties of steel, and the extensive services offered by BLACHPROFIL 2® to its customers. The cartoon style of the videos makes them easy to understand while conveying a large amount of technical information.

BLACHPROFIL 2® manufactures steel roofing solutions using a range of organic coated steels from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products. The company’s customers are typically roofers and distributors working in Poland and nearby countries.

Logical extension to existing marketing

“Our users don’t really know how BLACHPROFIL 2® works or why we have chosen to use steel as the material for our products,” notes Paul Kudzia, marketing director for the company. “We are constantly looking for ways to provide them with information about these topics in a format that is easily accessible. Animated videos seemed a logical extension to our existing marketing activities.”

The series begins with the story of steel – the material on which the modern world was built. That is followed by videos explaining how steel is made and why BLACHPROFIL 2® uses steel to manufacture its products. “Steel is an environmentally friendly material, and by extension so are our products,” says Paul Kudzia. “To be on this planet you need to be eco-friendly. And for that you just have to have steel.”

Technical information for the Steel and Steel Production videos (the first two in the series) was provided by ArcelorMittal. This included real footage of the steelmaking process which the illustrators used as inspiration for the animated videos.

Among other topics, the video series also explores logistics, coatings, corrosion, UV resistance, the BLACHPROFIL 2® product offer, and the company’s in-house laboratory. “We are one of the only roofing manufacturers in Eastern Europe to have our own laboratory,” notes Paul Kudzia. “That allows us to verify the quality of the steels we receive from ArcelorMittal and ensures we are creating high-quality and durable products for our customers.”

The original videos were prepared in Polish and are available on BLACHPROFIL 2®’s YouTube channel.

Two of the videos have been translated to English and can be viewed below.

One video shows BLACHPROFIL 2®’s roofing tile production process

In another video, customers can discover every part of the steelmaking process

If you would like to undertake co-promotion activities with ArcelorMittal, contact your local client technical support (CTS) or account manager.

Masters Academy reaches out to roofers

The last animated video is about the BLACHPROFIL 2® Masters Academy. The Academy was established in 2017 as a series of meetings where roofers could learn more about steel, the innovative products made by BLACHPROFIL 2®, and the latest technology solutions for roofing.

“The Masters Academy was born out of our sense of responsibility for the quality of roofing prepared with our products,” says Paul Kudzia. “By being in direct dialogue with the people who are installing our products we are helping to maintain high standards in the industry.”

The Masters Academy is held at the BLACHPROFIL 2® production centre in Dąbrowa Górnicza (Poland). The events are attended by roofers from Poland and Central Europe. “In a typical year, we welcome around a thousand ‘students’,” says Paul Kudzia. “Last year we organised around 18 meetings, each with 50 to 70 attendees.”

Paul Kudzia, marketing director for BLACHPROFIL 2®

ArcelorMittal has its own timeslot to present information about its products and quality. Paweł Patyk, head of ArcelorMittal’s Technical Client Team for Region East, has presented this part of the programme himself: “It’s a good chance for ArcelorMittal people to meet roofers who are using our products every day. The customers and distributors who attend these events don’t necessarily know a lot about steel, or the processes ArcelorMittal and BLACHPROFIL 2® use. We can pass on information, but it’s also a perfect opportunity for us to learn from people in the field and hear their ideas for product improvements.”

The BLACHPROFIL 2® production centre in Dąbrowa Górnicza (Poland)



For 25 years BLACHPROFIL 2® has been one of Central Europe’s leading manufacturers of modular steel roofing tiles (marketed as IZI® and ZET®), LAMBDA® roof panels, structural sheets, facade systems, cassettes and elevation panels (SKRIN® and LINEA®), INGURI® gutter systems, and sandwich roof and wall panel systems (CorePIR, CorePUR, and CoreWOOL). To manufacture these products, BLACHPROFIL 2® makes extensive use of the Granite® range of organic coated steels from ArcelorMittal. BLACHPROFIL 2® also manufactures lighting and whiteboards using steels from ArcelorMittal’s Estetic® range.

BLACHPROFIL 2® has over 300 employees who work at its four production centres in Poland and Romania. The company sells its products in Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia, and Slovakia.

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