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ArcelorMittal provides state-of-the-art steel for medicine and mechanical engineering

When it comes to medicine or mechanical engineering, these technologies require precision and thus the best equipment, using the best materials. This is why ArcelorMittal’s Industeel developed XC06 High purity Magnet Iron Steel.

The benefits of XC06

Magnet applications such as MRI or particle accelerators (cyclotrons) require high specific magnetic properties, with an excellent homogeneity throughout the magnet components.

Industeel’s XC06 is a soft ferromagnetic material providing high saturation polarisation whatever the thickness, with induction and coercive field strength controlled on each plate. It is manufactured via a specific production route that ensures pure iron steel and homogeneous properties throughout the product.

XC06 already proved its quality for high-tech industry components such as:

  • particle accelerators
  • magnet components (cores, yokes)
  • synchrotons
  • spectrometers