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Canadean Beverage Packaging Conference

25-26 October 2016, Brussels (Belgium)

On 25 & 26 October, the Canadean Beverage Packaging Conference took place for the 5th consecutive year  in Brussels. This year’s event focused on three key trends the industry is facing; Convenience, Sustainability and Disruption.

ArcelorMittal was given the opportunity to speak to a large audience including packaging manufacturers and global brands like Coca-Cola, Heineken and ABInveb, demonstrating steel beverage cans’ technical properties and sustainability performance. Cecile Piquemal, Key Account Manager for ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products presented our company’s work in terms of innovation, including the 0.18 mm steel can and she also shared the latest recycling rates.

0.18 mm steel can in 2017

A steel can is the green, strong and light solution for packaging in general and for beverage cans in particular. Steel cans are becoming thinner and lighter with our 0.18 mm steel gauge for 18 gram cans foreseen for 2017. This is an impressive reduction of 15% in thickness, after a 40% weight decrease already achieved in the last 30 years, and we are still far from the limit.

More than 20 experts in  packaging products and can making technologies work at ArcelorMittal’s Global R&D centre in Maizières (France) where 0.18 mm beverage cans have been successfully produced. These cans will be optimised in 2017 before industrialisation. Strength and resilience are the key properties of steel, allowing us to achieve this ambitious target while keeping the can’s integrity.

Lighter steel cans mean:

  • Improving economics of the can
  • Preserving performance and quality
  • Bringing a positive impact for the planet

 Recycling and circular economy

Steel is the most recycled packaging material with a 76% recycling rate in 2014, its highest record. Its unique magnetic propertiesmake steel easy and economical to extract from any waste stream as there is no need for a specific sorting process.

Circular economy requires materials to be highly recyclable, which is possible with steel packaging thanks to its many advantages:

  • Easy & economical to recover
  • Wide recycling network, all steel plants are recycling plants
  • Permanent material, recycles for ever

Adding value all along the chain

Metal beverage cans are an ideal solution for the future of the beverage industry. Steel is a unique material, able to bring added value thanks to:

  • A significant downgauging and value creation potential
  • No limit to reach 100% recycling rate

Steel supports all the actors in the industry to meet environmental regulations and business targets, as well as customers’ expectations.

About us

ArcelorMittal is the worldwide leading supplier of steel for packaging. Our R&D expertise provides all the technical support needed for steel solutions implementation and our comprehensive product portfolio includes advanced steel solutions for all packaging segments:

  • food
  • aerosols
  • closures
  • beverage
  • industrial and fancy cans


Preserving, a way of life


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