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Protect and serve: transforming a police station into a work of art

A brand new police station in the French town of Saint-Chamond (near Saint-Etienne), features a unique façade realised by France Résille and made of stainless steel provided by ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions.

Unique façade for the new police station

Following the building collapse in 2010, the town of Saint-Chamond inaugurated its new police station at the end of 2015. Designed by the architect Frédérik RILL, the building features a façade with a metallic mesh aspect. The façade was realised by France Résille and required 40 tonnes of polished stainless steel grain 220 (size 1500x3000x3), provided by Distribution Solutions in Clermont Ferrand, and around 200 hours of cutting. 

A 2-year old partnership

France Résille has been a customer of Distribution Solutions in Clermont Ferrand for 2 years. This company is specialised in waterjet cutting technology and can transform any material into a work of art. Our partnership strongly developed in the past 2 years. We provide technical support to the customer, whose activity requires specific products which are regularly delivered by Distribution Solutions in Clermont Ferrand.

Tailor-made architecture

France Résille uses waterjet cutting technology to cut almost all materials. Waterjet cutting has many advantages:

  • high precision
  • prevent the material from heating up
  • can cut through materials up to 200 m thick
  • more than 4,500 bar pressure

Beyond the technical aspect, waterjet cutting allows to realise a customised façade, making the building unique and recognisable. 

More about France Résille

  • Creation: June 2012
  • Activity: Architectural decor for the construction and luxury sectors
  • Main customers: Bouygues, Eiffage, CGG, Dumez, Printemps, Les Galeries Lafayette
  • 600 realisations to this day
  • Awards: BFM Académie ; Concours Innovation LR 2013 ; Grand Prix de l’Innovation de la Tribune 2013