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Atak™ Endura: the best fencing protection for railway, road and sensitive sites

A joint effort

Atak™ Endura is a unique and innovative security solution created to answer today’s recurring security issues (vandalism, damage, intrusion, theft etc).  It is the result of a successful collaboration between ArcelorMittal and SNCF Reseau and was designed based on their shared common knowledge, experience and know-how of the high security fencing markets.

Atak™ Endura is perfectly suitable for:

  • Railway sites: high-speed lines, regional lines in dense areas (urban and peri-urban), railways (combined transport), branched terminal installations of industrial sites, port railways 
  • Road sites: highways, expressways
  • Sensitive sites: Seveso establishments (which have an activity linked to handling, manufacturing, using or storing dangerous substances), port and airport areas, military zones, photovoltaic power plants, steel mills.


A specific composition

Atak™ Endura is produced in WireSolutions’ Luxembourgish mills of Bissen and Bettembourg. It benefits from WireSolutions’ Crapal®Optimum coating, composed of zinc, aluminium and magnesium. Zinc provides sacrificial, active protection, while aluminium provides passive protection which slows down the reduction in coating thickness, thereby prolonging protection. The addition of magnesium helps stabilise the entire molecular structure and gives the coating an even better resistance.

Crapal®Optimum guarantees superior corrosion protection (service life five times longer than heavy galvanisation according to EN10244-2) in the most aggressive environments, even at cut ends and at welding points. 


The best protection for your site

Choosing Atak™ Endura to protect your site will bring many advantages on an economical, technical, and ecological point of view.


Less posts are required compared to a panel system, helping to save steel, cost and time. Installation times are reduced due to the rapid unrolling of the 50m to 75m roll lengths, allowing better budget management of installations.


Excellent rigidity due to the large diameter and resistance of wires, making it comparable to the structure of a rigid panel system with no partial burial of the fence necessary.  It is highly adaptable to diverse terrains, with high resistance to shocks, pressure and tearing and excellent anticlimb protection. Moreover, the chemical composition provides very high corrosion resistance and a durably smooth surface, with excellent adhesion.


Atak™ Endura has a reduced environmental impact as securing the posts in concrete is not needed. Thanks to steel, it is a 100% recyclable product and it benefits from an exceptional life span of the Crapal®Optimum coating.


*SNCF (Société nationale des chemins de fer français) : France's national state-owned railway company