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Keeping the roads safe thanks to Creusabro®

Creusabro® is a range of advanced wear-resistant steels from Industeel, benefitting from a unique chemical composition and manufacturing process, and significantly extending the lifetime of wear parts in critical applications. It is also used to manufacture flail mowers.

Flail mowers are agricultural machines used for heavy duty cutting of grass, bushes, and small trees. They contribute in keeping small roads and highways safe and the landscape open. Industeel’s high-performance wear resistant steel Creusabro® is ideal for this application, which is subject to heavy wear and severe impact.

Better wear resistance than conventional abrasion resistant steels

Unlike many wear-resistant grades, Creusabro® becomes harder as it is used. This is due to specific alloying elements and a unique quenching process, leading to heat resistance up to 450°C and making it last between 50 and 100 percent longer than other wear resistant steels.

In a series of real-life tests, Creusabro® has proven it adds value to applications exposed to extremely abrasive conditions and high levels of heat. Customer Bergs Mekaniska recently conducted trials on flail mowers.

Watch the video below to see Creusabro® in action.