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XCarb® recycled and renewably produced is awarded as a sustainable construction product in Poland

XCarb® recycled and renewably produced has been awarded as the winner in the “most sustainable product of the year” category, at the PLGBC Awards 2022 evening gala.

On 6 October, the PLGBC Green Building Summit took place in Poland, organised by the PLGBC Polish Green Building Council. The theme of this 12th edition was “Time to (Re)think”.

XCarb® recycled and renewably produced is the innovation that has been rewarded by the PLGBC jury in the “most sustainable product of the year” category. The jury consisted of 16 members from different areas: top architects, consultants, NGOs, professors, climate scientists, producers, real estate management, design offices, foundations… The jury evaluated the submitted projects in terms of their values ​​related to sustainable construction and the circular economy, as well as architectural and aesthetic values. Social aspects and innovative ideas were also taken into account. The jury recognised ArcelorMittal as an active leader to decarbonise the construction sector, among a panel of more than 30 applications.

Ewa Kosmala, Global Sustainability Director at Selena FM and member of the jury commented: “ArcelorMittal uses 100 percent scrap to make XCarb® recycled steel . All electricity needed to convert scrap into XCarb® steel comes from renewable sources such as solar and wind energy. The combination of recycled content and renewable energy produces steel with very low CO2 emissions per ton of finished steel products.”

Using XCarb® recycled and renewably produced steel for sections in a construction project indeed helps to lower its carbon impact. With an Environmental Product Declaration showing a global warming potential (GWP) of only 333kgCO2eq/tonne for hot rolled sections, XCarb® recycled and renewably produced has a much lower carbon footprint than the average for the global steel industry which is around 2.3 tonnes of CO2 emissions per tonne of steel products.

Maciej Chrzanowski, Steligence® Construction Engineer – Resident Poland, who was handed over the prize during the PLGBC Awards ceremony, said: “I am proud and delighted that XCarb® recycled and renewably produced has been selected as the winner in the sustainability category. It means that the jury has recognised that our product is a game changer on the construction market. Our XCarb® development was compared to the last year’s dominant of perovskite solar cells that were very loudly and widely acknowledged by the national and international markets.”

The PLGBC Awards 2022 Summit is a veritable must-attend for all individuals and companies creating sustainable construction in Poland. As a partner of the event, ArcelorMittal was present on several levels. In addition to actively participating in the conference, we were also present in the exhibition space which resulted in very interesting talks. During the second day of the Summit, entitled “Building Life – Decarbonization of construction market”, Maciej explained how steel can help achieve the intended goals of the climate agreement and create low carbon projects. His speech came in the context of the second report of PLGBC’s initiative “Roadmap for decarbonisation of the construction market by 2050”, to which our Polish Steligence® team actively contributed and which was disclosed to the public during the conference.

Polish Green Building Council (PLGBC), as a member of the World Green Building Council, aims to positively influence the Polish construction industry by promoting and implementing the rule of triple responsibility: environmental, social and economic. Each year, they organise a Summit gathering the key players in the building and construction market and active towards a net zero carbon, healthy, equitable and resilient built environment.