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Reaching the 2nd floor of Paris’ highest monument

With more than 6 million visitors a year*, the Eiffel Tower is one of the most visited monuments in the world. The East pillar visitor lift is now equipped with our Corzal® coated 6 strand compacted ropes provided by WireSolutions’ Bourg-en-Bresse plant; enabling visitors from all around the world to enjoy the magic of the Eiffel Tower and Paris.

103,000 kilometres travelled by the tower's lifts

Since 1899, visitors have been able to safely access the floors of the Eiffel Tower by taking the lifts to enjoy the views of Paris. The lifts, which are vital to the monument, are subject to some harsh treatment and their annual journeys combined are equal to two and half times around the world (or 103,000 kilometres). Working with customer SETE - Société d'Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel, ArcelorMittal is extremely proud that the East pillar visitor lift is now equipped with  Corzal® ropes from our WireSolutions business division.

High-performance ropes for demanding applications

The ropes provided for the project have a solid compacted core in polypropylene (patented by ArcelorMittal), with a finishing in Corzal®. Additionally, the manufacturing process and know-how of our Bourg-en-Bresse plant make our product unique on the market.

Corzal® is a high-performance, durable alloy offering many advantages:

  • 95% zinc and 5% aluminium alloy coating. The addition of aluminium to the zinc-only galvanising coating provides corrosion resistance which protects 3 times longer than a zinc-only coating
  • It requires a thinner coating than a galvanised coating to give the same corrosion protection
  • No alteration of the wire product after bending
  • Perfect coating adherence even after bending


A long-time collaboration 

ArcelorMittal has been working for many years with SETE - Société d'Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel. When the East pillar visitor lift required new ropes, they naturally turned to us as we could provide a high-performance product with a quick delivery and a Made in France quality as the last rope manufacturer in the country.

For this specific project, we supplied 10 rope reels (with a length of 510 metres each and for a total weight of 10 tonnes), but new orders will come later this year to replace the ropes on other lifts.

* in a non-COVID context