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  • R&D: a cornerstone of sustainable development

Latest Europe related innovations

Our researchers make Research and Development the main driver of growth and the leading force for innovation within the ArcelorMittal group. Here are some of the latest Europe related innovations:

S-in motion® study, which shows how ArcelorMittal’s advanced high strength steels can enable OEMs to achieve significant weight savings in chassis, without compromising safety.


Steligence®, which will facilitate the next generation of high-performance buildings and construction techniques to therefore create a more sustainable life cycle for buildings.


Eclectic® 30, which creates an attractive light and shadow effect on façades, giving buildings a unique and incomparable look.


New packaging steel grades for three-piece aerosol cans, which enable canmakers to achieve up to 17-percent weight savings, when compared to existing solutions.


Granite® Ultramat pre-painted steel, which is long-lasting, robust, and flexible at low temperatures and offers a significantly widerrange of aesthetics when compared to traditional ceramic or zinc roofs.

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Research and Development at ArcelorMittal