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  • R&D: a cornerstone of sustainable development

Latest Europe related innovations

Our researchers make Research and Development the main driver of growth and the leading force for innovation within the ArcelorMittal group. Here are some of the latest Europe related innovations:

Tectova® - a new organic non-slip coating with high scratch resistance, specifically designed to ensure the safe installation of roofs.


HyPer® - a new range of metallic-coated high strength steels which enable architects and builders to create efficient and cost-effective structures.


RailCor® - a completely new range of corrosion-resistant rails which offer protection in severe environments


Granite® HDXtreme - a new pre-painted steel, very durable and beautiful, for up to maritimelevel protection.


Isis and Creneo - two new ranges of triangular and quadrangular profiles which give architects even more creative freedom.


Photo credits: / HacKLeR, 4D Architects Enter © Ditbenikfotografie, Jeroen Op de Beeck and Philippe Vandenameele

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