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Russian grain industry gets Magnelis® protection

The SKESS Corporation is one of Russia’s leading suppliers of grain silos and grain processing equipment. The company recently started to use Magnelis® coated steel from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products for elements of its silos and related products. Magnelis® is an ideal corrosion protection solution for grain silos as it is compatible with food applications and very easy to process.

20-year guarantee beats the competition

A key reason for the switch to Magnelis® is the value it adds to the company’s products, as director general of SKESS, Alexander V. Dormostuk explains: “Magnelis® makes our silos and equipment much more competitive as we benefit from ArcelorMittal’s 20-year guarantee. Other corrosion protection solutions, such as pre- and post-galvanisation, do not come with any guarantees in Russia.”

Magnelis® is the only metallic coated product which is suitable for use in C5 environments such as marine, industrial, and farm locations. Cut edges are also protected thanks to the self-healing property of Magnelis®. This ensures the integrity of the silos and equipment over the long-term and is just one of the reasons ArcelorMittal can offer Magnelis® with a 20-year guarantee.

SKESS uses food-safe Magnelis® ZM310 for the walls, roofs, and hoppers of its silo systems

Compatible with most processing operations

ArcelorMittal supplies SKESS with S350 high strength steel in coils, slit coils, and sheets. The steel coils are manufactured and coated with Magnelis® ZM310 at ArcelorMittal’s mills in Bremen (Germany) and Liège (Belgium). Some coils are also sent to ArcelorMittal ESP (Belgium) where they are slit and cut into sheets for various parts of the silos. Additional coil slitting is carried out by ArcelorMittal Desvres (France).

Magnelis® ZM310 is a zinc-aluminium-magnesium coating which is ideal for construction and civil engineering applications. The coated steel is available in a wide range of thicknesses and can be used to form the walls, roofs, and hoppers of the silos.

Magnelis® ZM310 is applied to both sides of the steel at a thickness of 25 µm per side. It is compatible with all conventional processing operations including: bending, drawing, clinching, profiling, stamping, and welding.

SKESS has worked with ArcelorMittal since 2009 and the relationship between the two companies is strong. “We are in permanent contact with the technical specialists from ArcelorMittal,” notes Nataliya Simonova, head of the foreign economic activity department. “We contact them to find solutions to technical problems and we always receive good support.”

Magnelis® is offered with a 20-year guarantee for most applications and environments

Top 3 reasons SKESS uses Magnelis® from ArcelorMittal

1. Magnelis® offers very high corrosion resistance, much better than traditional coatings

2. Magnelis® is certified for use in the most severe C5 environment

3. SKESS silos created with Magnelis® come with a 20-year guarantee

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