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Steel, a makeup essential

Did you know that ArcelorMittal steel is also used to manufacture the metallic makeup pans? The pan is the metallic plate containing pressed powders and cream products such as eyeshadows or blushes. You can see it when you reach the bottom of the product, hence the idiom “hitting pan”.

Partner of the biggest brands

Dior, L’Oréal Chanel, Benefit or Guerlain…all these famous brands have a common point: they are all supplied by MEPCO, one of Europe’s key players in manufacturing pans for the cosmetics industry and a customer of ArcelorMittal.

MEPCO uses our DX52D+Z100 galvanised and coated steel with 0.32 mm thickness, which is produced at our Flat Products’ mill in Liège (Belgium) and then slit in Reims (France) by ArcelorMittal Downstream Solutions – Steel Service Centres, West Europe. ArcelorMittal Downstream Solutions – Steel Service Centres sells the customer slit strips in different widths which are then drawn into pans. MEPCO manufactures more than 100 million pans per year and part of the company’s annual capability is intended for export as it also has a plant in China.

Meeting the needs of a very demanding market

Specifications for makeup pans are very strict, especially since the makeup products contained in the pans come in direct contact with the skin. The steel pans MEPCO buys from ArcelorMittal are covered with a lacquer – either transparent (for the main share of the volume) or gold. Due to the lacquer, ArcelorMittal provides steel with a flawless surface quality as lacquer can show any roughness on galvanised steel. Also, as the pans take on a multitude of shapes and sizes, flexibility and resistance is important to guarantee a manufacturing process without any breakage and we customised the properties of our galvanised steel to make it even more performant. Finally, due to the contact with the skin, MEPCO has to follow the Good Manufacturing Practices European regulations  - regarding endocrine disruptor and provide pans with a lacquer that has great innocuousness.

Makeup pans are another application showing that steel is the fabric of life. From the biggest projects to the smallest pieces you may not expect, ArcelorMittal steel is definitely everywhere.



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Created in 1975, MEPCO is the European leader of stamping metal for the cosmetic industry. Located in the Nantes region in France, the factory is specialised in drawing and cutting lightweight metal pieces. Its modern production tool has enabled it to extend its capacity of 20 million to 120 million units over the past 25 years.

MEPCO has been supplying major groups and clients such as L’Oréal, LVMH, Chanel, Coty and INTERCOS for several decades now.