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ArcelorMittal launches the extended version of its Orange book

ArcelorMittal is launching the extended version of its Orange book, an essential aid for engineers in the design of steel buildings and structures.

Already including data of ArcelorMittal Europe – Long Products’ structural sections, the ArcelorMittal Orange book is now completed with information about ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products for cold formed and welded sections.

What is the Orange book?

The Orange book is an online database for engineers and steel structure designers. It allows them to select the best profile shape and steel grade according to the construction specific architecture and requirements. Thanks to the Orange book and its multiple load tables, it is possible to optimize structural calculations for all type of buildings (tertiary, commercial, industrial, residential…) as well as for bridges in order to:

  • Increase spans
  • Make lighter structures thanks to higher resistance steels
  • Maximise load bearing capacities

The Orange book is part of ArcelorMittal’s digitalisation strategy which involves the creation of specific internet tools for customers, engineers, fabricators and contractors.

Discover the Orange book

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ArcelorMittal Europe is the undisputable leader to deliver high strength steels for construction applications.

  • S355/HISTAR®355 and S460/HISTAR®460

HISTAR® steels are structural grades with a low alloy content, combining high strength, good toughness and superior weldability. HISTAR® grades are delivered in accordance with the European Technical Assessment ETA-10/0156 and are available with minimum yield strengths of 355 or 460 MPa. When compared to standard structural steels, HISTAR® grades feature improved guaranteed mechanical characteristics.

For structural applications, ArcelorMittal offers a full range of coatings for Construction Steels & High Strength Low Alloy steels according to EN 10346 (see catalogue sheet):

  • Construction steels from S350GD up to S550GD, with thicknesses from 0.25 up to 6.0 mm
  • On top of standardised grades, ArcelorMittal can provide improved grades with guaranteed maximum TS to facilitate screwability, guaranteed TS/YS ratio and minimum elongation as required by Eurocode 3 part 1.1
  • High Strength Low Alloy steels from HX260LAD up to HX700LAD offering improved elongation properties when additional formability is required compared to construction steel grades

Coating types can be adapted according to the environment:

  • Hot Dip Galvanised pure zinc, with a coating weight varying from Z100 up to Z725
  • Magnelis®, Zinc-Aluminium-Magnesium with a coating weight from ZM90 up to ZM430. This coating is preferred for harsh outdoor environments or for aggressive indoor atmospheres such as industrial, agricultural activities or for buildings close to the sea front (see the feasibilities here)
  • Aluzinc®, a Zinc-Aluminium coating with a shiny metallic aspect providing an excellent compromise between corrosion protection and aesthetics
  • Granite®, organic coated steels that can also be used for visible structural parts with high aesthetic requirements, with thicknesses up to 3.0 mm

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