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ArcelorMittal’s sheet pile walls protect Weser stadium from flooding

In January 2017, storm surge “Axel” on the North and Baltic Sea coasts inflicted considerable damage to the region with waves up to three metres high. In the city of Bremen (Germany), the extent of the damage was limited thanks to ArcelorMittal's steel sheet pile walls surrounding the Weser Stadium.

A stadium located on a vulnerable

Home of the first league Werder Bremen football club, the Weser Stadium is located right on the banks of the river Weser, making it vulnerable in case of storms and floods. The stadium has already been impacted twice in the last four years. The first time in December 2013, storm surge "Xaver" had almost flooded Weser stadium.

The experts of the Federal Maritime and Hydrography Department had calculated at the time that the storm surge could rise above the critical line of 5.50 metres and could reach up to 6.50 metres. Fortunately, the water stopped 25 centimetres below the critical line of 5.50 metres.

If it had risen to 6.50 metres, the Weser Stadium would have been badly affected. Consequently, Bremer Weser Stadion GmbH and the City of Bremen decided to increase the protection to the critical mark of 6.50 metres.

Our sheet piles help to create a solid flood protection

In 2016, ArcelorMittal Europe – Long Products supplied for this project around 500 tonnes of mainly AZ 12-700 hot-rolled steel sheet piles produced in Belval (Luxembourg) and PAL 3260 cold-formed steel sheet piles from Palfroid in Messempré (France). Convinced by our well-positioned offer and the service that goes with it, the customer opted for our sheet pile solution to create the wall around the stadium, with a total length of 750 metres, together with additional support walls and mobile protective walls.

Now completed, the wall will act as a solid protection against the next flooding.

Additional coastal protection in the future thanks to ArcelorMittal’s sheet piling

Along the North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts, especially on the island of Rügen in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, sheet pile walls are being used. ArcelorMittal will be tendering for the implementation of the Coastal Protection Plan 2014-2020, which includes a series of flood protection measures with sheet pile walls. It involves building or upgrading dykes and storm flood protection walls. In Ueckermünde / Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, sheet pile walls from ArcelorMittal already provide adequate flood protection. In 2009, more than 250 tonnes were used for the dyke reinforcement of a retention area.