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ArcelorMittal protects your favourite fizzy drink

Without knowing it, millions of people have an ArcelorMittal product in their hands every day. Invented in 1845, the muselet is the wired cage topped by a disc that is placed around the cork of champagne, sparkling cider or fizzy drinks bottles. Chances are the muselets and discs in your hand are made with ArcelorMittal Europe steel as WireSolutions and ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products are strongly present on this market.

World leader in cork wire   

ArcelorMittal Commercy, part of WireSolutions is one of the world leaders in the production of cork wire, the steel wire used to make muselets. The plant in Commercy is the biggest ArcelorMittal drawing factory in France. It is also the principal consumer of ArcelorMittal wire rod for this country. Commercy produces each year thousands tonnes of cork wire (Galvanized and Lacquered) and its main customer produces 350 million muselets per year.

Steel is the material of choice for muselets, as it has many advantages:

  • Cheaper than brass or copper
  • A better life time and mechanical properties
  • Excellent elasticity to resist the many twists needed for muselet production
  • Strong Mechanical resistance maintaining the cork despite the pressure inside the bottle

The disc: both satisfying packaging constraints and a collector’s item

ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products’ packaging divisionis the market leader for steel for packaging and one of its end products is the disc, an essential part of the muselet. Originally created to satisfy optimal champagne packaging constraints, discs have become as well genuine collector items for connoisseurs and a marketing asset. The discs are made-to-measure and personalized using different printing techniques, coloured wire, stamping, etc. to make them a unique identifier specific to each beverage brand. That is one of the main reasons for choosing tinplate made by ArcelorMittal which is perfectly adapted for printing.

ArcelorMittal steel for packaging is particularly suited for this type of product:

  • it is anti-corrosive, a necessity for products in contact with any alimentation and stored in underground cellars
  • our tinplates have excellent resistance for stamping, an important part of the disc production
  • they are perfectly suited for coating and printing; these discs carry the name of the bottled product.


So next time you hear a cork pop, imagine there is a little piece of ArcelorMittal behind it!