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Contributing to the construction of a breakthrough clinic in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the city of Mostar, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a modern oncology clinic opened its doors in 2012, giving the opportunity to patients suffering from serious diseases to be treated in Mostar. The façade of the building was realised with Hacierco® profiles, provided by ArcelorMittal Construction France.

More proximity with patients          

Oncology is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. This branch requires the construction of modern facilities to provide the best equipment to patients.

The Mostar oncology clinic is a big breakthrough in the field of medicine in the region, as it gives a chance to patients with cancer to be treated in Mostar, instead of traveling to Sarajevo, or to Zagreb or Split (Croatia). There, patients can get access to specialists and modern radio and chemo therapy equipment.

A distinctive design

To fulfill the design of the clinic, the customers trusted ArcelorMittal and chose Hacierco® 3.333.39 profiles. Compared with competitors, our profile is easy and quick to install, can be curved in the factory and has a superior steel grade (S320GD).

For this particular project, the organic coated coils were produced by ArcelorMittal Construction France in Contrisson. They were transformed in Hacierco® 3.333.39 profiles in Haironville and curved in the mill to answer the architect’s needs.

According to WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO), in 2014, cancer related deaths in Bosnia and Herzegovina were above the global average. The Mostar clinic is definitely helping in better prevention and treatment of the disease.