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Ready, set, go !

Switzerland is the perfect country for winter sports with its mountains and its lakes, but  the Swiss are also big fans of football and sports in general. In this small country, at the heart of Europe and more precisely in the town of Lucerne, you will find a track & field athletics stadium made with ArcelorMittal Construction’s trapezoidal steel profiles.

Lucerne: the city - the lake - the mountains... and sports too!

The town of Lucerne, Switzerland, features a highly modern sports campus, combining sports, leisure, housing and work in one place. The swissporarena, named after the company Swisspor, is an architecturally outstanding modern multi-purpose stadium. It provides modern facilities for professional football and other sports. Additionally, you will find two high-rise residential blocks and a sports centre with swimming pool, fitness club, restaurant, and retail and office space.

Blending into the scenery

The complex also features a separate outdoor athletics stadium whose new stand was built thanks to our steel. ArcelorMittal Construction Switzerland provided trapezoidal steel profiles 5.44.180 B t=1.25mm. And since the swissporarena features a gold-coloured reflective façade, the profiles are coilcoated on both sides with Hairexcel (60 μm), in the same golden shade, in order to integrate the stand into the surrounding architectural complex. Finding the right colour to match the stand with the surrounding buildings was key to win this contract. The stand offers 1,950 covered seats, almost doubling the capacity of the previous one.

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