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When steel imitates life: green sports complex in the Netherlands

The Dutch village of Nieuwehorne features a modern sports installation for all types of sports using 5,500 m² of our steel.

Stay fit

The sports complex offers great spaces for indoor and outdoor activities. It offers an indoor sports hall, tennis courts, sport pitches and a grass jogging track. There you can practice your favorite sport: gym, dance, football, basketball, volleyball, tennis…you name it.

The design of the sports center truly fits with its surrounding, which is composed of fields, resembling a mosaïc of various shades of green. The architects Strategie Architecten wanted to reproduce this pattern on the façade of the building so it could blend into the landscape.

Therefore, 1,200 m² of our Frequence steel sheets in different shades of green have been used.

5,500 m² of ArcelorMittal steel

The wall and roof claddings are made of undulating steel sheets Frequence 25/115-9B and Frequence 18/76-13B produced in Haironville (France) and Geel (Belgium) and supplied by ArcelorMittal Construction Netherlands.

They are coated with the corrosion resistant Hairultra coating in different shades of green, using the colours Tilia 4602, Reseda 4601, Malachite 4659 and Winebottle 4615. ArcelorMittal Construction Netherlands also provided 130/600 trays and 135, 106 and 158R steel decks. In total, 1,200 m² of wall cladding, 1,500 m² of trays and 2,800 m² of steel decks were used.

Not only green on the outside

The sports complex is a truly green building. The main structure of the building consists of a combination of steel and wood, 2 sustainable materials. The steel and glass façade, the bricks and the wooden beams enhance the design, but also provide a building with a long durability and minimal maintenance.

This sustainable building also includes insulated façades, roof and floors to keep the building's energy consumption as low as possible. The roof heats the sports hall and 2 wind turbines provide additional energy. Movement sensors control light and ventilation in order to ensure that no energy is wasted. Thanks to the mainly glazed façades of the cafeteria, the sunshine provides heating in winter and in the summer, a sunshade ensures that it stays at a comfortable temperature.

The structure and colors of the steel sheets reflect the structure of the surrounding fields


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