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Events 2022 

Steels in Cars & Trucks
19-23 June 2022, Milano (Italy)
Visit us at Steel in Cars and Trucks 2022

Wire & Tube
20-24 June 2022, Düsseldorf (Germany)
Visit us at Wire 2022

Webinar on steel for facades of industrial buildings (German)
21 June 2022
More information here 

Cable Car World
21-22 June 2022, Essen (Germany)
Visit us at Cable Car World 

21-23 June 2022, Utrecht (The Netherlands)
Visit us at Railtech

Paris Packaging Week
29-30 June 2022, Paris (France)
More info on Paris Packaging Week 

NeMMo 2022
6-7 July 2022, Nantes (France)
Visit us at NeMMo

Royal Welsh Show
18-21 July2022, Llanelwedd (Wales)
Visit us 

World Tunnel Congress 2022
2-8 September 2022, Copenhagen (Denmark)
Visit us at World Tunnel Congress

5-8 September 2022, Milan (Italy)
Visit us at Gastech

20-23 September 2022, Berlin (Germany)
Visit us at Innotrans

22-23 September 2022, Paris (France)
Visit us at Architect@Work

22-23 September 2022, Pordenone (Italy)
Visit us at CoilTech 

Stainless Steel World (SSW)
27-29 September 2022, Maastricht (The Netherlands)
Visit us at SSW

3-6 October 2022, Paris (France)
Visit us at Batimat 

Sommet de l’Elevage
4-7 October 2022, Clermont-Ferrand (France)
Visit us at Sommet de l'Elevage

11-13 October 2022, Wolfsburg (Germany)
Visit us at IZB 

18-20 October 2022, Bad Nauheim (Germany)
Visit us at EuroCarBody

19-21 October 2022, Marseille (France)
Visit us at SIM 

Belgian Roof Day
21 October 2022, Brussels (Belgium)
Visit us at the Belgian Roof Day

25-28 October 2022, Hannover (Germany)
Visit us at Euroblech

24-30 October 2022, Munchen (Germany)
Visit us at Bauma 

Duplex World
1-2 November 2022, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
Visit us at Duplex World 

Bauma China
22-25 November 2022, Shanghai (China)
Visit us at Bauma China

24-25 November 2022, Nantes (France)
Visit us at Architect@Work

6-9 December 2022, Paris (France)
Visit us at SIMI

Events 2023 

Made in steel 
9-11 May 2023, Milan (Italy)

Visit us at Made in steel



Past events

13-17 June 2022, Paris (France)
ArcelorMittal at Eurosatory 

Die & Mould
15-18 June 2022, Shanghai (China)
ArcelorMittal at Die & Mould

7-10 June 2022, Brighton (UK)
ArcelorMittal at FootPrint

41st International Deep Drawing Reseach Group Conference (IDDRG) 
6-10 June 2022, Lorent (France)
ArcelorMittal at IDDRG

30 May - 2 June 2022, Barcelona (Spain)
ArcelorMittal at CHS2

1-2 June 2022, Hannover (Germany)
ArcelorMittal at LightCon

1-2 June 2022, Brussels (Belgium)
ArcelorMittal at Architect@Work

Granite® webinar with
24 May 2022
More information

20-22 May 2022, Ravels (Belgium)
ArcelorMittal at Agridagen


11-13 May 2022, Munchen (Germany)
ArcelorMittal at Intersolar

Cwieme Berlin
10-12 May 2022, Berlin (Germany) 
ArcelorMittal at Cwieme Berlin 2022

Asia Pacific Rail
11-12 May 2022, Bangkok (Thailand)
ArcelorMittal at Asia Pacific Rail

4-5 May 2022, Birmingham (UK)
ArcelorMittal at LAMMA

Mountain Planet
26-28 April 2022, Grenoble (France)
ArcelorMittal at Mountain Planet 

12th International exhibition Die & Mould India
27-30 April 2022, Mumbai (India)
ArcelorMittal at Die & Mould

1st International Electric Steel Sheet Summit 
26-27 April 2022, Aachen (Germany)
ArcelorMittal at IESSS

Steel Day 2022
26-27 April 2022, Mumbai (India)
More information

Granite® webinar with
20 April 2022
More information

Material District 
5-7 April 2022, Utrecht (The Netherlands)
ArcelorMittal at Material District

Internationaler Architektur-Kongress
6 April 2022, Bochum (Germany)
ArcelorMittal at Internationaler Architektur-Kongress

Granite® webinar with
29 March 2022
More information 


15-18 March 2022, Cannes (France)
ArcelorMittal at MIPIM

Bridges 2022
9-10 March 2022, Conventry (UK)
ArcelorMittal at Bridges

FNTP - Forum des travaux publics: Investir la transition écologique
24 February 2022, Paris (France)
More information 

Sustainable Lightweight Materials
23-24 February 2022
More information 

Webinar in German on steel for innovative roofing solutions
17 February 2022
More information

Webinar: reducing the environmental impact of PV mounting structures
10 February 2022
View the replay of the webinar 


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