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  • Solar

Solar energy

ArcelorMittal supports the move to clean energy generation by offering high-performance steels, advanced metallic coatings, and structural solutions for PV and solar thermal installations. We also offer tailormade services such as co-engineering and full project handling.

In a near future, our smart coated steel will allow your buildings to generate solar energy.

Steel, the material of choice for solar installations

Magnelis® is an exceptional product in terms of corrosion resistance, even on cut edges and particularly adapted to any soil. ArcelorMittal Europe ─ Flat Products is strongly committed to the challenge of increasing renewable energy use. Our dedicated offer for solar energy generation systems range from metallic coated steels such as Magnelis® for upper structures, poles and floating structures, to organic coated steels such as Granite® HDXtreme for rooftop systems.

Structures for ground-mounted systems

Tubular Products offers excellence in tube manufacturing, guaranteeing the final performance of your solar structures. Using its industrial range of profiles (Multibeam, PSB, CE or U-shaped), Profil du Futur designs and manufactures structures for ground-mounted PV plants.

Structures for rooftop systems

ArcelorMittal Construction is providing complete building solutions in Europe, and offers two PV rooftop solutions made of pre-painted steel: Komet® and Kalypso®.

Solar wall systems

ArcelorMittal Construction’s SolarWall® is a building integrated air-heating system which utilises solar radiation to deliver naturally warmed fresh air into buildings.

Solar thermal absorbers fully made of steel, the coating of which is applied by the ArcelorMittal subsidiary Arceo, an industrial production line dedicated to physical vapour deposition (PVD) technology.

Distribution Solutions Projects can deliver complete sets of trackers, ground mounted systems, or heliostats ready for installation at the project site. This team is also available to conclude pre-agreements and participate in consortia with third parties.