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ArcelorMittal steel keeps your belongings safe during your hospital stay

Hospital admissions always start the same. After registering and filling up paperwork, you are taken to your room where you will discover amongst other equipment, your bed, bedside table…and your locked cabinet. Depending on how long you will stay in the hospital, this is where your personal belongings will be stored until you go home. As hospitals need sturdy and safe cabinets that will last a long time, steel becomes the material of choice. ArcelorMittal Steel Service Center in Burg, Germany, delivers steel to customer Metallprodukte Kott GmbH to manufacture custom-made patient room cabinets.

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Different cabinets for different hospital looks

Each hospital has its own structural requirements and a corporate design with coordinated colours, materials and shapes. For patient cabinets, specific ideas in terms of shapes and colours need to be implemented. The cabinets should also be robust, durable, but also mobile and lockable.

ArcelorMittal Steel Service Center in Burg slits steel sheets and delivers them to customer Metallprodukte Kott GmbH, a company specialised in the production of mobile patient room cabinets for more than 25 years. We supply them with several hundred tonnes of steel sheets per year, which are then processed in Metallprodukte Kott’s factory. There, about 20 employees develop and manufacture exactly what the customer wants. Depending on their customer order, Metallprodukte Kott orders very different sheet metal qualities from ArcelorMittal that they bend, weld and powder-coat paint in a variety of colours.

Quality and speed

In addition to the quality of the sheets, speed plays an important role for customers. Since Metallprodukte Kott’s patient room cabinets are
custom-made, they cannot be stocked. Yet, end customers increasingly want a short-term delivery. This is only possible if the material supplier is quick and flexible. ArcelorMittal Steel Service Center in Burg has just been certified according to the standard DIN ISO 9001-2015, thanks to our quality, customer satisfaction, efficiency and responsiveness, factors contributing to a
well-functioning quality management.

And in terms of delivery, if Metallprodukte Kott orders on Monday, the steel sheets from Burg will be delivered on Wednesday or Thursday. Moreover, Metallprodukte Kott’s factory site is conveniently located less than two kilometres from the motorway exit Arnstadt Süd on the A 71, which greatly facilitates the delivery of the final cabinets to the end customers.

Thanks to our quality and flexibility, we can offer just-in-time delivery to our customer, making sure your belongings remain safe during your hospital stay.