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ArcelorMittal at CWIEME 2015: responding to market trends in energy efficiency

Berlin, 23 April 2015 – ArcelorMittal will participate in CWIEME 2015, the world’s leading exhibition for coil winding, insulation and electrical manufacturing held from 5 to 7 May in Berlin, to present its broad range of electrical steels and R&D capabilities in developing the electrical steels of the future.

New European energy efficiency targets coming into force in 2015 are pushing towards greater efficiency in electrical machines and transformers. In response to this evolution, ArcelorMittal provides the best low-loss [1] non-oriented [2] electrical steels on the market, a range of innovative electrical steels for the automotive market, and specific grades of grain-oriented [3] electrical steels for transformer manufacturers.

At CWIEME 2015, ArcelorMittal will present its broad range of steel grades with specific magnetic properties, used in domestic appliances, building industry, mechanical engineering, electrical equipment, motors and generators, as well as the automotive industry. These include:

  • Fully processed and semi-processed non-oriented (NO) electrical steels
  • iCARe®, a range of innovative electrical steels for the automotive market, designed to help automakers create environmentally friendly mobility solutions
  • Grain-oriented (GO) electrical steels
  • Cores of magnetic circuits

Developing the electrical steels of the future

ArcelorMittal’s research and development teams have been applying their expertise in high performance electrical steels for the last 30 years to better anticipate market needs, with specialists dedicated to the different aspects of electrical steel such as texture, structure, coatings, magnetism, mechanical behaviour including fatigue, punching and machine assembly techniques.

As a result of these R&D initiatives, ArcelorMittal is perfectly positioned to develop the next generation of low loss, high permeability electrical steels and optimize the performance of its production lines, such as its new annealing line at Saint-Chély in France, inaugurated in September 2013.

Our advanced technical support using specific software and in-house testing tools allows ArcelorMittal to help its customers to optimize the design and manufacture of their machines.

Today, ArcelorMittal is running 10 major co-engineering and co-design programmes with major producers of high efficiency electrical machines.

ArcelorMittal will be present at stand 41A11 in hall 4.1.

[1] Low level of energy dissipation

[2] Electrical steel made with a special processing to make the steel as isotropic as possible, meaning when the steel is used in motors, these will have a smooth torque. Used for motors and generators (rotating machines)

[3] Electrical steel processed in such a way that its properties and crystal orientation are developed in the rolling direction. Used in power and distribution transformers.

Carsten Margardt (FEAG) and Tina Chmura (ArcelorMittal Steel Service Center Edenkoben) sign the XCarb® green steel certificate agreement

Let’s discover together our last project gallery of the year: civil engineering. This market segment is no doubt one of the purest examples of Steel, the Fabric of Life. Civil engineering is the “backbone” of our society.

The Dos Bocas refining complex is currently under construction in Tabasco, Mexico and will soon become the country’s biggest refinery. Industeel provided close to 6,000 tonnes of special steels for the project.

“We have ordered the first 1,000 tons of steel based on XCarb® green steel certificates for our products and see this as a contribution to support ArcelorMittal in the required transformation. In addition, steel produced with a lower carbon footprint fits very well into our own sustainability strategy“, says Bette managing director of ArcelorMittal customer and sanitary supplier Bette, Thilo C. Pahl.

With this gloomy weather wouldn’t it be a good time to go on a warm-weather cruise vacation? Sailboats and yachts have always made people dream as they convey an image of freedom and luxury. One thing is certain, modern ships wouldn’t exist without steel and ArcelorMittal is a big contributor to this segment. Check out our project gallery and discover the many shipbuilding projects realised with our steel.

Developed in collaboration with SNCF, Atak™ Endura is WireSolutions’ new fencing innovation. Atak™ Endura is a unique and innovative security solution protecting railway, road and sensitive sites.

Gestamp has become the first Tier 1 supplier in the automotive sector to buy XCarb® green steel certificates from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products. The steels covered by the certificates will be used to produce automotive components and will enable Gestamp to deepen its commitment to the decarbonisation of its business.